Boucheron Epure d’art Vague de Lumière

— A reinterpretation of Hokusai’s Wave, The Vague de Lumière, is born of a mixture of materials and settings — white gold, diamonds, and polished hematite.

The 41mm polished case of the watch is made of 18 K white gold and set with diamonds (2,10ct). On the dial in polished haematite, is sculpted a wave in white gold. The trough of the wave is paved with baguettes diamonds and round diamonds.

The watch is powered by the self-winding Girard-Perregaux Manufacture calibre GP4000, with hour and minute functions. The movement finishing has been specially personalized for Boucheron: Côtes de Genève crossed with an alternating sand finishing and blue-tinted screws, “ajourée” oscillating weight in the form of Boucheron’s mark.


The amplitude of its volumes accentuated by the play of brilliance successfully interprets the naturalism so dear to the Maison Boucheron.
© Boucheron Swiss Replica Watches

The case-back, with sapphire crystal, is open on the movement. Also visible are the quote « Je Ne Sonne Que Les Heures Heureuses », and the consecutive number and limited edition engravings.

This elegant watch is completed with a grey “rembordé” (folded edge) alligator bracelet, with invisible stitches, equipped with a pin buckle in white gold 18 K/750 and set with diamonds.

Eberhard & Co Barbara Monti, a smart lady with a hands-on approach

— Barbara Monti, CEO of Eberhard & Co, talks about her leadership position within a largely male-dominated environment and reveals the broad outlines of the brand’s future.

Eberhard & Co stands out for its disarming consistency. The brand is stable and has had just two managing families since its inception, including the founding family for nearly a century. It is still focused on the same area of activity – namely chronograph and beautiful vintage Rolex Replica watchmaking in tune with current codes. It surrounds itself with a community of unfailingly loyal fans. And whereas a single director often managers to trigger incessant infighting, Eberhard & Co is managed by… a team of two!

Within this tandem, Barbara Monti had not been in the spotlight very much until recently. Her Managing Director, Mario Peserico, who has been with the company for 25 years, was the one in the news. Barbara Monti is now emerging from the shadows, albeit somewhat cautiously, but her stature as a female CEO in the Swiss Replica Watches industry is enough to arouse interest without her needing to deliberately seek exposure.

Nature, nurture and solid experience

While such a position has undoubtedly been held by a number of illustrious women, such cases are nonetheless rare. “I don’t see the fact that I am a woman as being a disadvantage, especially in the watchmaking world” smiles Barbara Monti. “Mechanical watchmaking requires technical studies as well as knowledge of the most recent developments, which can apply equally to men or women”.

In short, the qualities required are the same irrespective of gender, even though the Eberhard & Co ranges tend to lean more naturally towards a mainly masculine clientele and its concomitant environment. Despite this, Barbara Monti is keen to point out a “little extra” with which the fair sex is endowed: “I think women have an innate sense of aesthetics which, combined with technical knowhow, can represent added value for Omega Replica watchmaking.”


Eberhard & Co headquarters in the early days.
© Eberhard & Co Replica Watches
From design to the CNC

This company leader puts these qualities to the test on a daily basis. “Eberhard & Co is a brand which has always focused on the product – more than any other aspect of its activity. I am therefore directly involved in the development of each model. From design and development right through to production, I follow each step alongside the respective teams.”

So what is Eberhard & Co’s product strategy? Recently, multiple coloured versions of its Chrono 4 may have given some people the idea that the company is heading towards less perennial products targeting a wider audience. This is not the case. “Since 1887, the chronograph has truly been our strong point, but Eberhard & Co has never taken the route of easy innovations which wear out in a few seasons. We are proud of the enduring nature of our collections, some of which have been in the catalogue for decades. Take the Tribute to Contograf, for example, which was our major 2014 launch: it was introduced in the 60s and has remained highly sought after due to the many milestone innovations along its path to date.”


The “Tribute to Contograf”, a major piece by Eberhard & Co unveiled at Baselworld this year.
© Eberhard & Co

Consistency as a strategy

Eberhard & Co remains true to its consistency and coherence. “We keep our distance from the kind of prolific brands which operate on the basis of opportunism,” emphasises Barbara Monti. “The coherence of our strategy depends on the perennial nature of our range.”

The brand will thus continue to offer its best-sellers, such as the 8 Days collection, which has been around for more than 15 years. And the recipe clearly works, since “this Baselworld was one of the richest and most significant in the past few years” as Barbara Monti is keen to point out.

Certain brands at this year’s Rolex Replica watches show made swift forays into the field of Fine Watchmaking in order to confirm (and demonstrate to any who doubted it) their technical expertise, just as Baume & Mercier had done at the SIHH 2014 with a tourbillon. Is this something that Eberhard & Co might consider? “We have a number of projects” says Barbara Monti, “but they won’t be a show of force. To present a new, truly finished product, we need to have the assurance that it brings something truly new to the market.”