Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph

— The brand reaches out to women with a new black and white design replica watches for sale.

For the first time, Seiko is presenting a version of its famous model specially dedicated to woman. With a bright dial and striking color accents, the new Astron GPS Solar Chronograph leaves the office and enters the world of leisure travel. Two versions are available, both recognisably Astron and yet distinctively new.

The first model (SSE021) features a white titanum case with super-hard coating and a ceramic bezel. The white dial is set with 10 diamonds. A soft, well-padded crocodile leather strap completes the replica watches UK. The second model (SSE019) is offered in a titanium case with black hard coating and with a ceramic bezel. The strap is also made of titanium.

Both cheap replica watches house the new Astron caliber 8X82. They are offered in limited editions. 1,000 pieces of the white version will be made, while 3,000 of the black version will be available. Each timepiece comes with its own serial number engraved on the back case and is presented in a special box.


The Astron GPS Solar Chronograph ref.SSE019 and ref.SSE021.
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Backes & Strauss Replica Watches The Royal Ashoka® Collection

— The brand unveils a new line of diamond Rolex replica watches bringing William Goldberg’s Ashoka® diamonds to the world of Haute Horlogerie.

Backes & Strauss have created the Royal Ashoka® Collection, a new line of one-of-a-kind timepieces which bring William Goldberg’s Ashoka® diamonds to the world of fine Rolex replica watchmaking for the very first time.

The inaugural piece from the collection which will be unveiled during the World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (taking place in Japan from October 28-31) is set with 92 Ashoka® cut diamonds, 131 Ideal Cut diamonds and two baguette cut diamonds- making a total of 225 diamonds, one for every year that Backes & Strauss, the world’s oldest diamond company, has been in existence. The total weight of diamonds used in the replica watches amounts to 26.21 carats.

The inaugural piece from the Royal Ashoka® Collection.
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This unique timepiece draws its inspiration from the legendary Ashoka the Great, benevolent ruler of India’s Maurya dynasty during the third century BC. Many hundreds of years after his death, Ashoka’s name was adopted for a 41.37 carat, D colour, internally flawless diamond which was pulled from an Indian mine and cut by an unknown craftsman. Inspired by the mystical “Ashoka Diamond”, William Goldberg, the Manhattan diamond company, created an entirely new, unique and original cut called the “Ashoka®” that was granted its very own patent.

An elongated, antique cushion cut that captures light and disperses it with a fiery brilliance, the Ashoka® can only be executed using diamonds that meet the Goldberg family’s exacting specifications – and only Goldberg master craftsmen have the skill, experience and expertise to bring to life the Ashoka® cut which has 62 displayed facets and rounded corners.


The Ashoka® cut has 62 displayed facets and rounded corners.
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