Russell Crowe’s Cinderella Man Swiss Rolex Submariner replica watch is up for sale for a knockout price

Russel Crowe is a well-documented collector, known for purchasing replica watches from various brands to commemorate the films he starred in. We know this first-hand having personally discussed many of the actor’s watches after sitting down with him before he sold off a bunch of his pieces at Sotheby’s. Recently a new Russell Crowe watch has surfaced for sale via retailer Fog City: a 2005 cheap fake Rolex Submariner Date ref. 16610 engraved with “Cinderella Man 2004 Vincit Qui Se Vincit RC”. Based on his trend of engraving the movie and its year of filming on the caseback of his watches, it is abundantly clear that Crowe bought this watch to commemorate Cinderella Man – in which he played the lead role of boxer James J. Braddock, a supposedly washed-up boxer who bounced back to challenge for the world heavyweight title. The Latin phrase on the engraving is a stirring paean to self-mastery and translates to “He conquers, who conquers himself”.

The 2005 Rolex Submariner Date ref. 16610 copy with steel bracelet offered for sale is part of a complete set with all of the original paperwork, boxes, and even hang tags included with the purchase of the watch. The fact everything was kept is further evidence of the fact Russell Crowe has the mind of a collector, ensuring all the key assets of watch investment were maintained.
As for its condition, the watch almost appears to be brand new. As you look closer you begin to see signs of its wear, with small knicks to the tapered bevels of the lug shoulders. The brushing on the bracelet, however, is in excellent condition. Factoring in the slight blemish to the link adjacent to the clasp, as well as the lug bevels, I would infer the watch has not been refinished as these are small indicators of natural wear. I would infer Russell Crowe wore the luxury clone watch, and that it was not a safe queen by any stretch.

As for its price, Fog City is taking enquires now with an asking price of $22,350. When you consider the celebrity factor at play here, the price is a reasonable request. As a 2005 model, it will not patinate in the manner that older tritium models do, but it’s modernity means this is by no means a fragile piece of celebrity memorabilia – it’s something you can actually wear.
For more information on how Russell Crowe approaches his watch purchases, and the films he has celebrated with Swiss movements replica Rolex watches, definitely check out the video above. Below are some more shots from the Fog City listing that reveal the watch’s overall great condition. If you happen to purchase the watch, please send us a wrist shot or wrist roll!

Blake Buettner – UK High-End Fake Breitling B09 Chronograph (with Pistachio Dial)

Well, this is a first. I don’t often find myself coming back to a Breitling replica after shows like this, but here we are. I like the direction Georges Kerns is going with Breitling these days, and the B09 is exactly the kind of watch I was hoping to see from them. This is a green dial fake Breitling Premier ‘Heritage’, meaning it pulls from the brand’s considerable history without being an outright re-issue. While it does borrow some styling cues from a different era (the ‘40s), it doesn’t read as an outright throwback. There’s enough modern design here to hold its own as a new luxury replica watches in 2021.

This is a hand-wound chronograph done right. There’s no date, and it gets a relatively slim 13mm case, which tells me they’ve paid attention to the little things. The chronometer spec B09 movement inside is in-house, and while not necessarily beautiful, it’s got a certain raw charm to it that I appreciate. Then there’s that dial, I know green is having a moment right now, but this is different, it’s “pistachio”. This is a green that’s not shying away from anything, and if you want the steel case, this Breitling Premier copy with Swiss movement your only option.

This is a handsome copy watches online that falls somewhere between dressy and sporty, and I’d have loads of fun trying all manner of straps on it. At over $8k the top quality copy Breitling ain’t cheap, but there’s clear value here for the money and it still falls within reach of mere mortals, unlike a Patek Perpetual Calendar, or some such thing…