An Introduction To The First Waterproof Watch Of Rolex

Do you know that all Rolex watches produced at present are technically in the Rolex Oyster collection except the rare Cellini Prince watches? In fact,almost all of them share the first Rolex Oyster watch’s highlight on water resistance.Here,we will introduce something about the first Rolex Oyster watch.Oyster Coussin - 1926In 1926, Rolex created the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch,which marked a major step forward.With the name “Oyster”, the watch was distinguished with a hermetically sealed case that enables to provide best protection for the movement.And in 1927,a Rolex Oyster watch crossed the English Channel,worn by a young English swimmer called Mercedes Gleitze.To celebrate the success of crossing the channel, Rolex published a full-page ad on the front page of the Daily Mail to proclaim the accomplishment of the Rolex Oyster watch.ROLEX, Patrimoine, Montres historiques, documents

The original Rolex Oyster watch was innovative because the system was all about screwed-down elements.In addition,the Rolex Oyster not only could resist the water,but also protects a range of liquids and particles from entering the case.

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