Glashütte Replica Watches Original Video. The Sound of The Original

— Third of five individual short films about Glashütte Original.

Inspired by its partnership with the Berlinale, Glashütte Original itself invites to an exclusive film premiere this year where it will present five individual perspectives of the brand.

Over the past few months, the Saxon replica watches manufacturer has invited the company’s friends and connoisseurs to submit their own film concepts which illustrate their individual perception of Glashütte Original and show the brand from a new, somewhat unusual perspective.

The Sound of The Original

This unique composition of sounds and images of Glashütte Original, which presents a very special approach to the Saxon manufactory, is the result of a cooperative effort between the journalist Joern Kengelbach and the composer Sven Helbig. It became clear right away that Kengelbach’s concept, which called for the sound of the manufactory to be captured in order to make the brand audible, would require professional musical support. An ideal player for this role was found in the person of Sven Helbig, an established artist with a wide-ranging portfolio. The focal point of the idea was to capture the sounds of the Swiss Rolex replica watches production process – from the heavy machines at the outset to the quiet, refined sounds of cheap replica Omega watch assembly – and to unite them in an unmistakable sound, the “Sound of the Original”.

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