Great Invention When Cigar Fuses With Hublot Classic Fusion Replica Watches

Happiness can derive form the fashion cars, hining jewels, tasty wines and cigars. What will be happened when a cigar was infuse in the watch design? In order to celebrate the 20 years’ birthday, the new three limited edition of blue dial Hublot Classic Fusion copy watches were invited out.We all know cigar making process is a very long process. Fist step is the cigar planting, then need to day all the leaves. At last these leaves come to hands of cigar makers. The cigar had to be composed of 9 leaves of tobacco, while some other factories only use 5 leaves, they will make it to only one for the wrapper, one for the binder and then 3 more leaves for the filler, the heart of the cigar. Once rolled, they were then “laid down” for at least 2 years before export to let their different aromas blend harmoniously through maturation.
While the art confusion of the black rubber straps Hublot fake watches are also show extraordinary designs in every detailed components. first has a 45-mm case in satin-finished black ceramic. Its bezel is cut from the same material. Its sumptuous blue dial is adorned with the famous X decorating the rings of the legendary puro, doubled for the occasion to become the number 20 in Roman numerals.
And the second version has sublime livery in brushed titanium. Its case and bezel are finely embossed with engravings reproducing tobacco leaf motifs interlinked into the letter X. the whole case back was caved with with an exclusive illustration of the Fuente family with the “Château de la Fuente, Fuente Fuente Opus X 20 Years” mention.
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