TAG Heuer Replica Watches “Don’t crack under pressure”

— TAG Heuer Swiss Replica Watches For Sale introduces its new campaign for release on the 30th of August.


«Don’t crack under pressure». Far more than a claim, it is a powerful mindset. And a tribute to an early 90’s campaign which for many remains the most archetypal expression of TAG Heuer’s unbreakable determination.

TAG Heuer is best known for breaking rules: harnessing mental fortitude to overcome technology restraints and deliver ground breaking innovation. Don’t crack under pressure asserts the powerful truth that achievement is due as much to mental strength as to physical capabilities.

The campaign captures the mental strength of the brand’s Dream Team, athletes and partners, who reflect the values of the TAG Heuer Replica Watches UK shield: Cristiano Ronaldo the perfectionist, Maria Sharapova the irresistible, Steve McQueen the blue-eyed King of Cool, Dempsey Racing the challenger, McLaren F1 & GT the masters of speed, and Formula Electric the innovators.

Building upon its Dream Team, TAG Heuer Fake Watches UK now enters the world of marathon running: the ultimate expression of mental over physical endurance. Join us on the starting line in New York City, November the 2nd.

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