Blake Buettner – UK High-End Fake Breitling B09 Chronograph (with Pistachio Dial)

Well, this is a first. I don’t often find myself coming back to a Breitling replica after shows like this, but here we are. I like the direction Georges Kerns is going with Breitling these days, and the B09 is exactly the kind of watch I was hoping to see from them. This is a green dial fake Breitling Premier ‘Heritage’ watch, meaning it pulls from the brand’s considerable history without being an outright re-issue. While it does borrow some styling cues from a different era (the ‘40s), it doesn’t read as an outright throwback. There’s enough modern design here to hold its own as a new watch in 2021.

This is a hand-wound chronograph done right. There’s no date, and it gets a relatively slim 13mm case, which tells me they’ve paid attention to the little things. The chronometer spec B09 movement inside is in-house, and while not necessarily beautiful, it’s got a certain raw charm to it that I appreciate. Then there’s that dial, I know green is having a moment right now, but this is different, it’s “pistachio”. This is a green that’s not shying away from anything, and if you want the steel case, this Breitling Premier copy with Swiss movement your only option.

This is a handsome copy watch that falls somewhere between dressy and sporty, and I’d have loads of fun trying all manner of straps on it. At over $8k the top quality copy Breitling ain’t cheap, but there’s clear value here for the money and it still falls within reach of mere mortals, unlike a Patek Perpetual Calendar, or some such thing…