The Oyster Case of Swiss Rolex Copy Watches

As a perfect blend of form and function, the Oyster case is a significant milestone in the history of modern watchmaking. Created by Swiss Rolex replica in 1926, it was the world’s first waterproof case for a watch owing to its patented system of screwing down the bezel, case back and winding crown against the middle case.

Now, thanks to the hermetic construction or the case, all Rolex Oyster copy watches are ensured to be water resistant up to 100 metres (330 feet), and up to 3,900 metres (12,800 feet) for the Rolex Deepsea divers’ watch.

The Oyster’s middle case is made of 904L steel, 18k gold or platinum, which is highly robust and forms the backbone to that all the other parts of the case are securely fitted. In addition, some Professional cheap fake Rolex watches feature a crown guard on the side – these shoulders are stamped as an integral part of the middle case. The back of the Oyster case is hermetically screwed down against the middle case. The unique fluting on Oyster case backs, a legacy from the Oyster of 1926, fits into a special tool exclusive to authorized Rolex watchmakers, so only they can access the movement.The Oyster Case of Swiss Rolex Copy Watches

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