Top Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster (Professional) “Moonwatch” Watches Online

Not all of these cheap fake Omega Speedmaster models in this section are considered a “Moonwatch”. Many of them were introduced way before NASA chose Omega to become the official timepiece for their astronauts. Despite this, we will still use this category for them in this Speedmaster buyer’s guide. These early models are considered to be the forerunners of the Moonwatch. Their existence is vital to the history that was to come. And, to be frank, they are too beautiful to ignore.

Omega Speedmaster CK2915 Replica With Steel Case
The very first Speedmaster as Omega introduced in 1957 had reference CK2915. Together with the Seamaster 300 (CK2913) and Railmaster (CK2914), this model was part of this professional trio featuring curved lugs, a black dial, and broad arrow hands. Initially meant to be a sports chronograph, using the dashboard clocks of Italian sports cars of that time as an inspiration. They were advertised with racing cars. But the chronograph was useful for many other sports as well. Also, the chronograph was useful for those who needed to time events and tasks outside sports as well. The first Speedmaster has a diameter of 38.6mm, a lug size of 19mm, and a lug-to-lug size of 48mm. In the first three generations of Speedmasters, the lug width and lug-to-lug size do not change.
The Omega Speedmaster copy for men has multiple versions (you will find a -1, -2, or -3 added to the reference number) that could be considered more or less as small updates if you want. If you are looking for a CK2915, expect to pay a fortune (recent results have sky-rocketed the price of the CK2915). More important perhaps: try to find an original one that has not been tampered with. There is so much money involved in these very first models, that it also attracted people whose intentions are not always honest. Newly-made cases, movements from other watches, refitted bezels from a later period, and so on. Be very cautious when you get one offered.
The CK2915 houses the Omega caliber 321, with a column-wheel chronograph. This Lémania (based on the caliber 2310) movement went out of production in 1968 when Omega introduced the Speedmaster Professional 145.022. Then, in 2019, Omega clone announced the return of the caliber 321. First introduced in an all platinum version of the Moonwatch, and in January 2020 in a steel “Ed White” case.

Speedmaster CK2998 & 105.002
Often considered to be the second-best thing when it comes to vintage fake Omega Speedmasters. This particular reference number already looks a bit like the “Moonwatch” with its black bezel and Alpha hands. Where the first Speedmaster had a bit of a military look, in my opinion, this watch is a more subtle sports chronograph. The black bezel also changed the diameter of the watch from 38.6mm to 39.7mm. Lug width remained 19mm and the lug-to-lug is 48mm.
There is quite a bit of variation in the CK2998, where the different styles of hands are the most important identifier. One of the most sought-after CK2998 models is the one with the “lollipop” chronograph second hand.

The 105.002 needs to be mentioned as well. There is actually no real difference between the last variation CK2998(-62) and the 105.002 except for the reference number. Omega changed the reference number syntax, which means getting rid of the CK identifier and 4 digit numbers. The 105.002 was actually made in a very small period of time (1962) before its successor was introduced (105.003). This makes the 105.002 perhaps even more collectible than some of the CK2998 models.
Expect to pay approximately €25,000 for a Speedmaster CK2998 in good condition. When there are a box or/and papers as well, the price will be influenced. You might also be interested in the so-called FAP models that were delivered to the Peruvian Air Forces. When the CK2998 is in near mint condition, expect to pay much more than the €25,000 mentioned. Especially if it is one of the first iterations, prices can almost triple. Just try to think of what’s important to you when collecting, before you make a purchase.
Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Fake With Black Dial
The 105.003 reference already looks a bit more like the Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”, with its white baton hands. This Speedmaster is actually the most affordable pre-Professional model out there. Prices of this cheap fake Omega Speedmaster 105.003 reference have gone up in the last few years, expect to pay at least €17,000 for one in good condition. The 105.003 is often referred to as the “Ed White”, as he used this watch (and most probably even two of them) during his spacewalk in 1965.

As you can read in another article here on Fratello (How the Speedmaster became the Moonwatch), the 105.003 was the watch used by NASA for the qualification. Although Omega shipped the successors of the 105.003 for use during Extra-Vehicular Activities by NASA astronauts, the 105.003 was also used by NASA. These watches were in NASA’s possession as they received some for the qualification procedures, and they were used during Apollo missions.
The Speedmaster 105.003 was introduced right after the “transitional” 105.002, in 1964. It was in production until 1969. In some old catalogs, you will find the 105.003 advertised next to the 105.012/145.012. In 2020, Omega clone introduced the Speedmaster Calibre 321, based on this 3rd generation Speedmaster. You will find it further down in this article.

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